Harmar Multi-Fold Ramps For Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs
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Harmar Multi-Fold Ramps For Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs

Retail Price: $459.00
  • Manufacturer: Harmar
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: AR306 AR307 AR308 AR310 AR312
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Multi-Fold Ramps

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One of the most versatile access ramps available. Ramp can be separated
into two pieces for easy carrying; each piece folds in half and secures with
Velcro to be carried by the metal handle like a suitcase.

Patented hinge design provides easy operation and eliminates pinch points
while adding strength. Anti-slip, high traction surface on aluminum. Built-in
extended hook ensures full 800 lbs. capacity. Includes safe-slope level.
Capacity: 800 lbs. (AR312 - 600 lbs.) Width: 30”

Part Number Description Weight

  • AR306 6’ Multi-Fold Ramp; Traction Tape 35 lbs. ea (2 sections)
  • AR307 7’ Multi-Fold Ramp; Traction Tape 39 lbs. ea (2 sections)
  • AR308 8’ Multi-Fold Ramp; Traction Tape 52 lbs. ea (2 sections)
  • AR310 10’ Multi-Fold Ramp; Traction Tape 63 lbs. ea (2 sections)
  • AR312 12’ Multi-Fold Ramp; Traction Tape 73 lbs. ea (2 sections)
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