Lift Chair Seat Recliner Hand Control Remote Golden ZK756HCL

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  • Manufacturer: Golden Technologies
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ZK756HCL
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This 6-button hand control is compatible with most Golden Technologies Maxicomfort series lift chairs (including the PR-502) with the Independent Position recline.

If you have a Maxicomfort chair there is an updated version to this remote with programmable positions. (see part# ZKAD-1)

Manufactue: Golden Technologies

Model Names: Cloud, Relaxer, Cirrus, Comforter, Maxicomfort.

Model#: PR-502, PR-505JP, PR-505S, PR-505M, PR-505L, PR-508, PR-510-SME, PR-510-MLA, PR-756MC, PR-756L.

Part#: ZK756HCL

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