Lift Chair Seat Recliner Heat and Massage Remote Hand Control

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  • Manufacturer: Golden Technologies
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: HV3001
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This remote hand control fits most golden seat lifts with heat and massage built 2008 or later. This 11 button hand control has select, wave, pulse, low, high and power buttons. Also butons for intensity and speed adjustment. It also features an 8 pin quick connector.

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Manufactue: Golden Technologies, InSeat Solutions LLC.

Model Names: Cambridge, Cambridge, Williamsburg, Oxford, Regal, Burlington, Shiatsu, Transfer, Savannah, Comforter, Capri, Monarch.

Model#: PR-401-SME, PR-401-MLA, PR-747, PR-710, PR-751TY, PR-722, PR-724, PR-451, PR-930, PR-501JP, PR-501S, PR-501M, PR-501L, PR-501T, PR-501S-23, PR-501M-26D, PR-501L-26D, PR-501T-28D, PR-502, PR-200, PR-355M, PR-355L.

Golden Technologies Part#: HV3001

In Seat Solutions LLC Model# 11170U

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