Throttle Pot Lever Golden BuzzAround Lite & XL LiteRider Scooter
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Throttle Pot Lever Golden BuzzAround Lite & XL LiteRider Scooter

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  • Manufacturer: Golden Technologies
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SE05E603
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Throttle Potentiometer Lever Assembly for the Golden Technologies Scooters with wig-wag paddle.

The Throttle Pot controls the forward and reverse of the scooter. After a year or 2 of use the potentiometer can get worn out and have dead spot. So if you hold the throttle in a specific position the scooter will move but in other locations it might just move really slowly or not at all. Normally only one side of the potentiometer will go bad at a time. Normally forward will go first. So you might get a condition where reverse is the only way the scooter will drive.


Make: Golden Technologies

Model Names: BuzzAround Lite After January 2010, BuzzAround XL After January 2010, LiteRider Scooter

Model Numbers: GB106 After January 2010, GB106XR After January 2010, XP3 After January 2010, GB116 After January 2010, GB146 After January 2010, GL110, GL140

Manufacture: TOCOS

Discription: Throttle Potentiometer 5KVR

Part# RVQ28YS-30F

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